Sell Your Car in Eau Claire, WI

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Sell Your Car
in Eau Claire, WI

It's easier than ever to sell a car for cash or trade in a car and upgrade to a new ride at Prestige Auto. Whether you're looking to sell your car and pocket the cash or you'd like to trade in an older car and elevate your time behind the wheel in a new Telluride SUV or Forte sedan, we're here to help. Now is a great time to sell a car in Wisconsin, so visit our Kia dealership in Eau Claire to discover all the ways you can get top dollar for your used car!

Sell My Car for Cash near Me

Are you ready to sell a car nearby for a price that puts a smile on your face? Chat with our Mitsubishi finance experts and we'll walk you through the simple car-selling process. All you have to do is value your trade online and then stop by our Eau Claire Kia dealership so we can pop the hood and inspect the vehicle. Then, we'll provide you with a used car appraisal based on the value of the vehicle. Once that is complete, we'll provide you with an official offer. So, no matter if you drive a low-mileage SUV or your used sedan is older, let's chat, because we want to buy your car!

Do you still owe money on your car, or you're curious if you can sell a leased car? Chat with our Kia finance team and we'll discuss buying your car for cash or helping you trade in and trade up to a new Kia or Mitsubishi model.